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Answers to frequently asked questions

Get answers to your questions

Many people care about such questions: Why do you need a website? Why are sites so expensive? Why is it necessary to constantly promote the site? We, in turn, are ready to give an answer to them!

Why do I need a website?

Details of your company

The website is the place where you can publish detailed information about the company, services, terms of the order and the performance of services, contacts and requisites.

The site informs your customers all year round and night and day.

The link to the site can be specified in business cards, in conversation, in promotional materials, in various directories, catalogs and search systems.

The site is easy to publish information that can not be placed in any other form of traditional advertising.

To change the information on the site is very simple. And you do not need to mock the new booklet, give it to the printer and send it to customers.

Attracting customers

A website is a tool with which you can attract potential customers and simplify the initial process of ordering your services.

Potential customers with the help of directories and search engines for keywords will find the site, get acquainted with the services and conditions and may want to become your customers.

Visitors will be easy to fill out a special application form on the site and indicate their requisites and wishes in the service. The application form will automatically be sent by e-mail to the responsible manager for processing, negotiation and execution.

Customer service level

A website is a tool for working with existing customers. With its help, you can provide customers with access to the Internet, various information. Both on new services, and on the effectiveness of existing services.

On the site, you can create a special section "questions and answers", which will collect the most frequently asked questions of customers and qualified answers to them.

Information exchange

A website is a tool that helps employees and managers of a company work.

If you place documents, tasks, reports and other information on the site, the company managers will be able to access the necessary information from anywhere in the world where there is a computer and an Internet connection. And employees who are in different offices will have access to general corporate information.

Naturally, access to information should be controlled and managed through a special rights monitoring system.

Your image

Website - works for your image. The presence of the website indicates the technical advancement of the company and the compliance with the requirements of the time.

Why are sites so expensive?

Everything is simple, to make a web-studio make a website, you need to involve a certain number of people, namely:

  • Designer
  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer


The designer will do so that your site is different from others so that it is beautiful and consistent with your corporate style, you need a creative designer who will not only figure out how your site will look, but then how to prepare for layout.

Front-end developer

Front-end developer is engaged in imposition of the site template and creation of the user interface. Usually the front-end developer is a jack of all trades.

Back-end developer

Back-end developers are responsible for creating a "server" part in web applications, in other words, they deal with everything that relates to the program-administrative part of the web application, the internal content of the system, server technologies - databases, architecture, software logic.

Every person in this structure spends a lot of time and effort to make your site beautiful, properly assembled, functional and protected.

Why you need to constantly promote the site?

The SEO SEO theme is very relevant at the moment. Many resource owners are concerned with the question: "How to get to the top of the search engines?". And having solved this problem, they calm down, thereby making a serious mistake. The Internet is a very dynamic environment. Everything is constantly changing, so even a separate site requires constant changes.

In addition to your resource on the Internet, there are many other sites that participate in the ranking. If your competitors start promoting, and this will happen, your site will begin to lose its positions. Plus, the search engines constantly check your resource. Namely, they look: how often the content is updated, how many other projects refer to your site and for many other changes. In the event that your resource is not filled with new material, if you do not increase the reference mass, then the site will gradually start moving to the second, third, fourth pages of issue, which will lead to outflow of customers.

Who needs a corporate identity and why?

Companies spend huge amounts of money on corporate identity. The development of corporate identity deals with a lot of professional designers, marketers and advertisers. Everybody talks about him. What for and who needs it? Is it worth the money that is invested in it? And how long can a good corporate identity last?

To answer some of these questions, you need to turn to the definition of corporate identity. Corporate identity is nothing but a distinctive feature, a feature, an identification. Thus, corporate identity is not just something beautiful, which can be placed in the advertising of the company. This is, above all, a graphic expression of what the company is different from other companies. Corporate identity not only creates an image of the company, but also forms a certain ideal, to which the company aspires. So, it turns out that corporate identity is needed both for the company and its customers. Companies to stand out from the competition. Clients so that they can easily identify the company, its products or services among other offers.

Naturally, the development of corporate identity is quite expensive. As you already understood from the definition, to create a corporate identity, it's not just to draw a picture, so it was beautiful. An arbitrarily created corporate style, not related to the company's activities, its characteristics, can even harm companies and their products.

Therefore it is quite logical that for a good, high-quality, well thought out corporate style, you will have to pay a lot of money. But do not worry, they will return to you in the form of buyers of your products. Of course, you can save and order an inexpensive corporate identity. In this case, you risk paying twice, and the total amount will be much higher than if you immediately made a good corporate identity. Why? It's very simple to explain. So, you released products or services to the market under a certain corporate style. Then your company began to develop, and you realized that the acting corporate style is absolutely inappropriate for it. The only way out is to develop a new corporate style. And this again costs, not only for development, but also for the formation in the minds of customers of a new image of your company, that is, advertising.

A good corporate style can last for years, decades. Think of the big corporations. For example, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung and others. Their corporate identity has remained unchanged for many years. Of course, there were minor changes, but, in general, they use all the same colors as many years ago.

What is hosting and domain?

Hosting is a dedicated place on the server or a separate physical server on which your site is located. If you draw a clear analogy, it's a leased plot of land on which you build a house, that is, a site.

Domain name is the address of your site, on which users will find it on the Internet. Continuing the analogy: you built a house on a plot of land and hung a nameplate on it so that friends could visit you.

What are program modules for the site?

Software modules for the site

Program modules will make your site interesting, convenient, useful and effective assistant. Various software modules allow your site to hospitably meet their guests, find out their guests, find out their interests and preferences, promptly answer their questions, help quickly and easily find the necessary goods, services, data, quickly and conveniently register orders for products. Search engines on the site, search and catalog filters, reciprocal contextual links in the text of pages, blocks of announcements of sections will help to quickly find necessary. Contests, voting, ratings, expert assessments, surveys, questionnaires, prize draws, tools of author's publications of users will help to make interesting and visited. Software modules of authorization and control will protect confidential information from other eyes.

All your site will work under the unified content management system (content manager, CMS), which allows you to quickly and easily manage any site information, edit site articles, update product catalogs, change service descriptions, adjust price lists and t . Import-export modules allow you to link your site's databases to databases of various accounting programs. We represent our own site management system. The modularity of our control system allows us to create for each site a unique special system that unlike universal mass systems has a high speed and efficiency of operation, ease of management, lack of unclaimed functions and tools.

Web-studio "A2R" offers any program modules for the service of your site and business.

What is Google and Yandex contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is a text ad that is shown to users in Google search results or Yandex. Ads are shown to the user exactly at the moment when he himself showed interest in the product or service and, probably, is ready to buy.

What are CRM-systems and how to choose a CRM-system?

What is a CRM system?

If you refer to Wikipedia, you can get the following definition:

CRM-system (Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Management) is an application software for organizations designed to automate strategies for interaction with customers (customers), in particular, to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing information about clients and the history of relations with them, the establishment and improvement of business processes and the subsequent analysis of the results.

In fact, any control and accounting option can be considered a CRM-system, which will help improve interaction with customers. Even if you are managing the history of calls and contacts on paper or in Excel - this can be considered a CRM system in the event that the developed accounting and control scheme is working and allows you to control all options for interaction with customers. Of course, such methods of accounting are a thing of the past, because in today's world without effective automation it is difficult to imagine the work of any business. That's why when they talk about CRM-system, usually they mean special software.

How to choose a CRM-system?

When choosing a CRM system, the most important thing is to make sure that you have all the functions that you would like to see in the process of work. So, if incoming calls are very important for you, you need to make sure that the chosen CRM-system supports integration with telephony. And if you get most of the leads through the site, then one of the main criteria will be the possibility of integrating the CRM-system with your CMS.

In the rest, much depends on your tastes, as well as on the recommendations that your specialist gives you. In principle, if a specialist who will implement the CRM-system offers you a certain software product, then, provided that the functions you need are implemented in this system, and you are satisfied with the cost of the product, it makes sense to agree with his opinion. Usually experts advise that product which they well know, that, undoubtedly, will be a plus at a stage of introduction.

To study CRM-system on the basis of rollers and test access is rather difficult, in any system there are many nuances that you will learn while working with the system. But there are some principal points that will help you make the right choice.

So, the main thing is the most fundamental decision to implement the CRM-system. Further, if you have any preferences, you saw a system that you liked for some reason, implement it. In all other cases, it is best to rely on the opinion of a specialist.